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DB231117002 Plant Fiber Shoulder Bag

This yellow shoulder bag is a fashionable accessory made of special materials. This material has excellent characteristics such as light weight, waterproof and breathable, and strong flexibility. This shoulder bag has a beautiful and practical design, with a rectangular body that is slightly longer than its width, providing convenience for storing and retrieving items. There are four pockets at the bottom for easy sorting and storage of various small items. If you would like to learn more about DIY Tyvek backpack, please don't hesitate to contact Chenfa.

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Features of DB231117002 Plant Fiber Shoulder Bag

  • The waterproof and breathable properties of the material enable the bag to remain dry and clean in various environments, while also having strong flexibility and being able to withstand daily wear and impact. In addition, the shoulder bag also has anti bacterial and anti mite functions, which can effectively protect internal items.

  • This shoulder bag is suitable for various occasions, whether it is for business trips or leisure shopping, it can perfectly match your dressing style. Exquisite craftsmanship and detailed handling demonstrate the brand's pursuit of quality, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality experience during use.

  • In short, this yellow shoulder bag, with excellent physical characteristics and practical functions, will become your effective companion in fashionable life. Whether given to oneself or as a gift to others, it is a very suitable choice.

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